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Vietnam Rising

Vietnam seems to benefitting from the U.S.-China trade war. What does this mean for the future of manufacturing, supply chains and exports?

2018 Drop Ship Bali Retreat—What I Learned

I had a great time at the 2018 Drop Ship Lifestyle Bali Retreat! If you’re into ecommerce, especially drop shipping, then this may be what you’re looking for. I learned so much to apply to my ecommerce businesses, was inspired by so many successful people, and made lasting friendships. Looking forward to Cambodia in 2019!

Sriracha, Once Synonymous to a Generation of Vietnamese In America, is Starting to Catch on in Vietnam

Growing up in America, Sriracha, the fiery red hot sauce was a staple in Vietnamese restaurants, especially next to a steaming hot bowl of beef pho. I had already heard of its legendary story, where the Vietnamese immigrant founder, based in California, created the original recipe to sell to the growing Asian population. Now, it seems Vietnam is catching onto this condiment crave, where generations of Vietnamese-Americans grew up to love this American sensation.


Sourcing Products from China in 2018? What’s The Alternative?

In the advent of the U.S.-China trade war, is China still a viable option for sourcing in 2018?  

My 2-Year Digital Nomad Journey: Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Da Nang, Vietnam

Fall 2016 Two years ago, I had lost my job and was working a temporary position to buy more time before I could figure life out and decide on my next steps. Deep down I had already made a conscious decision that I would never work a corporate 9-5 job again. I just...

Making a China Factory Tour – What’s It Like

What's it like taking a China factory tour? Come join me today as I tour Lefu Factory and their coolers in Nanchang, China.

Apple Supplier Shifting Production from China to Vietnam: Is this Just the Beginning?

In the advent of the U.S.-China trade war, more China manufacturers are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. One way to thwart President Trump's trade war is by routing supply chains through nearby Vietnam. Is this the beginning of a bigger trend?...

Banh Xeo Ba Duong Review

Traveling to Da Nang, Vietnam and looking for the best banh xeo? See if Banh Xeo Ba Duong lives up to its legendary status.